The Newton Project Canada: mandates

  • to support the Newton Project (based in the United Kingdom)
  • to provide a centre of operations for Canadian-based transcription work on Newton’s unpublished manuscripts
  • to seek funding for both the Newton Project and its Canadian arm
  • to provide exclusive online resources on Newton’s theology and prophetic views

The Newton Project UK

The Newton Project was founded in 1998 and is based at Sussex University, where Rob Iliffe heads a team that includes Michael Hawkins and John Young. The goal of the Newton Project is to provide online access to Newton’s scientific, theological and administrative papers, with an initial focus on Newton’s previously-unpublished theological writings. By providing instant access to these non-canonical writings of this early modern natural philosopher, the Newton Project is leading a scholarly revolution that is changing the way we view the figure many see as the father of modern science. A steadily increasing array of manuscript transcriptions can be found at the Newton Project website, including almost all of the theological papers.

Visit the Newton Project’s innovative and resource-rich website at: www.newtonproject.sussex.ac.uk


The Newton Project Canada gratefully acknowledges the Bodleian Library (Oxford); the National Library of Israel (Jerusalem) and the Provost and Fellows of King’s College (Cambridge) for permission to quote from manuscripts in their archives.

Privacy Statement

Individuals may print off or download texts mounted on this website for personal use, but permission must be sought from the Newton Project Canada before publishing any material (online or in print) displayed or stored on this website.

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