Media Releases

An account of the January 2015 discovery of Newton’s copy of Joseph Mede’s Works (1672) at the Huntington Library in California: Newton’s Lost Copy of Mede, Revealed

Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol and Isaac Newton’s 2060 A.D. manuscript PDF

An account of Dan Brown’s use and misuse of Newton’s 2060 manuscript

A review of David Flynn’s Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012 (2008) PDF

Isaac Newton in Israel: June 2007 PDF

An account of the 2007 Newton conference and exhibition in Jerusalem, along with news coverage of these event

A Response to Tom Harpur’s “Newton’s strange bedfellows” PDF

A longer version of the letter published in the 26 February 2004 Toronto Star

Statement on the date 2060

Read an insider’s account of the news story about Newton’s “prediction” that circled the globe in late February and early March 2003.


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