Support the NPC

Canadians and Canadian businesses wishing to support either the transcription or online publication work of the Newton Project Canada or the Newton Project UK are urged to contact the Director of the Newton Project Canada. The University of King’s College will provide tax receipts for donations to the Newton Project Canada. Funding provided for the NPC will be directed to accelerating the transcription of Newton’s theological and prophetic manuscripts, including the hiring of transcribers and travel expenses associated with the correction of transcriptions against the original documents. Larger donations could be used to provide research leave for scholars working on the editing of the theological and prophetic papers.

Americans can also donate to the Newton Project Canada through the University of King’s College and obtain a tax receipt that is valid with the IRS. Americans contemplating a donation to the NPC should contact the Director.

British donors can also give to the work of the Newton Project Canada through the Newton Project UK. British donors can also give directly to the work of the Newton Project UK. Tax receipts valid for the United Kingdom will be issued in both cases.

New transcription projects

Having completed the transcription and electronic encoding of Yahuda MS 9, a significant 250-page prophetic treatise written in the 1680s (around the same time Newton composed the Principia mathematica), the Newton Project Canada is currently seeking funding to move ahead with its next transcription projects. The first two projects involve the transcription and electronic encoding of two prophetic manuscripts that are, like Yahuda MS 9, held by the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

The first of these is Yahuda MS 6, a 6000-word prophetic treatise entitled “The synchronisms of the three parts of the prophetick Interpretation”. It is written in Newton’s hand in English. The second is Yahuda MS 10, a 50-page assemblage of notes on Old Testament prophecy, including the Book of Daniel. This text is written in Newton’s hand in English with some Latin.

Beyond this, and depending on funding levels, the Newton Project Canada may be able to complete part or all of Yahuda MS 7, a 1000-page (c. 300,000 word) series of drafts on the Books of Daniel and Revelation, some of which relates to Newton’s Observations upon the prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John (1733).

Transcriptions are carried out initially from microfilm copies and scans and are then checked by a second transcriber. Additional funding would pay for final corrections against the originals in Jerusalem. Manuscript transcriptions are mounted on the Newton Project website prior to being final checked against the original, but are not considered complete until this is done.


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